Friday 5: Rest

  1. When did you last need a few days of complete rest and nothing else? When I had an ear infection around New Year’s. I ended up sleeping for nearly two full days at one point.
  2. How do you keep yourself occupied when you have to be in bed all day and night? If I’m not sleeping, I’ll probably lie in bed with my computer for a bit, then to books and Netflix.
  3. Who do you most want to hear from when you have to withdraw to your bed for a few days of rest? Any friends, really.
  4. What adverse effects have you experienced while staying in bed for a few days? I haven’t been in bed long enough to have any problems from that specifically. Other than falling behind in things like cleaning and writing.
  5. When you first notice a few symptoms, are you more likely to shut everything down right away, or try to power through until you don’t have a choice anymore? Shut down as soon as possible. I didn’t used to do this, but I’ll call off work now at the first sign of any sort of illness because I’ve found it’s much better in the long ran than powering through it–that usually just makes me worse, not to mention not very happy.

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