There were three things I said I didn’t want to do until after the wedding: buy a new computer, buy a new car, and get a new place. Well, the computer went and needed replaced, followed a few months later by the car, and after some frustrating experiences, I was about ready to ditch the apartment, too. So I did some looking and lined us up a look at a place closer to Pittsburgh, which is more I want to be but admittedly takes Paul further away from work, tai chi, and all the other things he’s done. He moved in and actually established himself, whereas I went full introvert and almost never do anything ever.

We both liked the place we looked at. It’s about the same size as where we are now, just a little more expensive, nicer, in a better area, and more secluded. My favorite part was that the ground-level apartments include a little space for a garden right outside the patio doors.

When Paul happened to mention this at work, one of his co-workers mentioned that her sister was selling her house, so we tossed that into the mix, too. A house is definitely preferred at this point but a little unrealistic–my thinking was that we could upgrade to a better apartment before the wedding, then focus on house-hunting after. But we were willing to take a look, especially as the idea of owning a house kind of seeped into our brains more. We probably walked into that house 100% in love with the idea of the house as opposed to the house itself. I mean, we were ready to go for it, but smart enough to be realistic.

And it was cute, about the size and price we had in mind. It needed a little bit of work–we didn’t like the kitchen–but nothing huge and nothing we weren’t willing to tolerate until after the wedding. We went back with our parents, talked about it with them, talked about it ourselves, and ultimately, reason prevailed and we ruled it out. For one, Paul’s dad found roof leaks that could’ve either been an easy fix or required a new roof, and then the ceiling in the finished basement was so low that Paul, who’s 6’5″, could just barely stand in it. The roof was concerning alone, and then I started thinking about the fact that we’d pretty much be paying for a nice basement that Paul wouldn’t even be able to use. So we ruled it out.

But we were kind of bit by the house-hunting bug, so I did start devoting some time to looking at listings. We did schedule one other tour and while we did like it–more than the other, in fact, and it was even cheaper–it wasn’t really the one. And between wedding planning, working full-time, writing on the side, and the rest of life, I haven’t had time to look at anything else since, and our window of buying and moving before the lease is up is quickly closing. At this point, if we did find something, whether or not we’d close in time to notify apartment management is a huge toss-up. But we were expecting this. We knew we had time to look before the six-month mark of the wedding, but now that we’re past that mark and very nearly five months out, more and more of our time is being taken up by meeting with caterers or having to sit down and make decisions about things like the layout for the reception. That’s just going to get worse, so house-hunting has been pushed to the bottom of the list. It’s right above looking for a new job, which is on hold for kind of the same reasons, as well as the fact that getting a new job and buying a house at the same time isn’t a great idea.

So for now, apartment life it is. We’re still gonna look when we can, but it’s most likely gonna be one more year on the lease for us.


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