When Paul’s sister Emily went off to college in the fall, she kind of went and did all the things. Way more than I ever did, which I do regret looking back. But one of the things she signed up for was the Drama Club, so we’ve seen her in a couple of plays at this point and I think one more is coming up this weekend. One of them was pretty neat–for 24 hours, the students were locked in a theater and wrote a few original short plays, then performed them at the end of the 24 hours. Of course, Paul and I went to see the result.

It was fun. The plays definitely had a bit of an unpolished feel to them, but for having been thrown together in 24 hours, they were still good, and the students all did a good job with them. They were all really different from each other, which was nice. It’s a project that would probably be intimidating and kind of stressful to take on, but I think sometimes, pushing yourself like that can lead to some good things. They can always take those little plays, tweak them, and keep building on them.

Afterward, we went out and got something to eat with Emily, then pretty much called it a night.

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