It’s got to be some sign of true friendship when one pretty much drops everything to drive an hour to their best friend’s house to take their dog to the vet. Or a sign of loving dogs. Or both.

Just when I was getting ready to stop lounging around and make diner one night, Terra texts me saying that her dog, Lilly, had gotten into a cabinet while Terra was at work and eaten just about everything in it. Terra can’t drive for medical reasons and all of her closer options, like her brother and new beau, were unavailable, so that left Paul and I to save the day and take Lilly to an emergency vet appointment. So we got our shit together, jumped in the car, and went to take her.

Now, when one hears that the dog ate a bunch of shit not good for dogs and that her stomach is a little hard, one would expect to show up to a sick, lethargic dog. But not Lilly! Nope, Lilly was running around like nothing was wrong, which I guess was a good sign, but I don’t blame Terra for being cautious, especially when Lilly got into things that are known to be bad for dogs. Like hot chocolate.

And of course Lilly was excited to go in the car for a ride, so really, she was having a pretty good day. She even peed on me a little while she sat on my lap, which I didn’t even notice until I got out and noticed my thick, warm sherpa hoodie felt a little damp all across the front. And that’s the true test of friendship and animal lovers, kids. It’s not dropping everything to drive an hour to take your best friend’s dog to the vet, it’s not even caring when said dog pees on you. For other similar tests, try your willingness to put your hands in your friend’s dog’s mouth when you think she’s eaten something she shouldn’t have, or your willingness to take a bone off the dog when it’s time to leave the house. It helps that Lilly is the most docile beagle I’ve ever seen.

The vet was backed up, which was a surprise given the hour at that point, and we had a good wait before they took us. By then, the feeling was that if Lillith had eaten anything really bad in high enough quantities, she’d be showing it, but they gave her some fluids as a precaution. Terra bought us Taco Bell for our troubles, which was great for us since we hadn’t eaten at all by then and the whole thing had taken a good bit longer than any of us expected. We were out late enough that calling in sick was a pretty serious consideration for the next morning, but when I woke up feeling more rested and alert than I expected, I took advantage of it and just went in as normal.

Lilly, for her part, is fine. I think she thought the whole thing was fun, and her nose prints are still on my car window.


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