Saturday 9: Too Fat to Polka

Unfamiliar with this week’s song? Hear it here.

1) Have you ever danced the polka? Yes! I have some Polish heritage, so we bring out polkas at every wedding. One of my favorite recent memories of my mom is us at a wedding trying to do a more organized polka with more set steps that she was doing from childhood memory. I’d like to track it down and play it at my wedding.

2) The centerpiece of a traditional Polish polka band is the accordion. The accordion is a substantial instrument. Have you ever tried to play it? I have not.

3) The plump lady of this song cannot fit into the singer’s car. How many passengers does your car comfortably seat? Comfortably, four, but you could squeeze a fifth.
4) Would you like to lose a few pounds? Yeah, and it’s been a work in progress.
5) In the long ago 1940s, this song was considered amusing. Do you think it’s still funny today? I mean, over the past few years–maybe even longer–I’ve been becoming increasingly put off by humor that puts down people, especially for physical attributes. I’m just kind of over it, and I think it’s mean and unnecessarily making a target of certain types of people more often than not. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect and I know I crack and laugh at jokes that probably fall into this category, but I do try to avoid it and acknowledge that it’s possible to be funny without being nasty.
6) Arthur Godfrey, who recorded this song, was a popular radio and TV host from the 1930s to the 1970s. Before this week’s Saturday 9, had you ever heard of him? Nope.

7) One of his more popular radio shows was Talent Scouts. A 1940s-50s version of American Idol, this show gave previously unknown singers their first national exposure. Godfrey could point with pride to having helped discover Tony Bennett and Patsy Cline, but he made a mistake by rejecting Elvis Presley. Tell us about something you’d do differently if you could get a “do over.” I was talking about this earlier today, but I’d either go back to college and do more extracurriculars, which would be any extracurriculars because I mostly did nothing, or go back and do a double major. I don’t at all regret the degree I have, but there are things I could’ve done to open up more opportunities for myself and even just have more fun.

8) In 1953, Godfrey made news by having one of the nation’s very first hip replacements. Have you ever been/would you be part of a clinical trial, either for a new drug or a new medical procedure? I’ve never been, but if necessary, I’d consider it.

9) RANDOM QUESTION: You and a friend are shopping. She tries on an expensive sweater and enthusiastically asks what you think. You think it looks awful. Do you tell her the truth? I might tell her I don’t like it, but I wouldn’t be mean about it and I’d make it clear that my opinion doesn’t really matter and it’s about what she likes and how it makes her feel. Look, I like things like knowing how to dress for your body type, but I’m also a firm believer that people should absolutely toss those ideas out the window and dress in whatever way they please.

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