The last time my parents went to visit my grandfather before he died, I was put on dogsitting duty. So Paul and I kicked off the weekend with dinner and drinks at Fiesta Azteca, the best Mexican restaurant in Fayette County. In fact, they recently put in a Chili’s next to Fiesta Azteca, and every time I go by it, I talk about how dumb it is to go to Chili’s when you could just go to Fiesta Azteca. It’s probably cheaper, too.

The funny thing about Uniontown is that strangely, aside from going into Pittsburgh or Greensburg, it’s the only place I can buy CDs around here. So when I’m looking for whatever’s newly released, that’s where I go. So I spent a little time at the mall, then a little time at the gym, but mostly just spent a day in babysitting Duke. My mom corrects me and calls it dogsitting, but I insist it’s babysitting. I do kind of enjoy it, though. Who doesn’t want to spend a weekend with a dog?

Aside from dinner Friday night, I was by myself for most of it–Paul dropped me off, went home, then came back Saturday night, spent the night, and we got up Sunday and took Duke for a trip to the mountains, since the weather was warm enough for it and we knew he’d love it. He barked whenever the car hit 40 MPH or below–which made stopping for gas on the way home a problem–and was excited to get out and hike when we got there. We decided to take him on the Ohiopyle trail that leads back to Cucumber Falls, which I think was something like 45 minutes and a mile and a half one way. I figured he’d be pretty tired by the time we finished up, and he was, but other than that and slowing down a bit the closer we got to the end, he was pretty energetic the whole way.

It kicked his ass, though. Since my parents were due home that evening, we were okay to leave him by himself, and while he’d normally run to see us off through the door, he stayed put this time and wasn’t even as excited as usual when my parents got home. My mom said he was still exhausted the next day, but the whole thing probably did him good and I know he had fun.


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