Friday 5: Gimme One Reason

From Friday 5.

  1. What makes you unreasonably irritated? Figures that I can’t think of anything at the moment, despite often using the phrase, “___ irritates the shit out of me.” I can say that I got unreasonably irritated with my fiancé last week when he cleaned and then I didn’t know where anything was.
  2. What are you unreasonably particular about? Said fiancé can and will attest to this–I have kind of a set order in which I do things. It started as a way to prioritize things, and it’s turned into a very set routine that I won’t deviate from.
  3. What’s something that’s unreasonably complicated? Getting a driver’s license in Pennsylvania, solely because of PennDOT’s bullshit scheduling. My best friend hasn’t been allowed to drive because of health issues and was recently cleared by her doctor, and aside from mastering parallel parking and having to deal with her mom’s asshole boyfriend refusing to take her for her test, PennDOT’s added another pain-in-the-ass step by making testing only on certain days and locations. A week from now, she’ll have tested at three separate offices solely because of when they offer it and when that works with both of our schedules.
  4. What are the best reasons for working in your field? I’ll do writing and closed captioning. Writing is the freedom of expression, the flexibility of scheduling (at least for me being on a freelance basis working almost entirely from home), and the fun. No, I don’t always feel like writing and yes, the quality suffers when I don’t, but I’ve never once felt tired of doing it. As for closed captioning, I’ll admit that it’s super easy for the job to become tedious, but hands down the best reason is knowing that we are providing a service for the deaf and hard of hearing. We don’t hear it a whole hell of a lot, but we all have stories of someone telling us that without captions, they couldn’t enjoy TV themselves or they couldn’t enjoy it with friends and family. And yeah, TV seems trivial in the grand scheme of things, but we all have to relax and unwind and we all have TV shows and movies we love. Everyone should be able to enjoy those, and even though I’d prefer to be writing full-time, I’m glad that I can say what I do at work every day allows people to enjoy these things.
  5. What are some good reasons for the most recent silly purchase you made? I’ll give you two that I personally do not consider silly but other people do. The first is clothes, counted as silly because as my fiancé likes to point out, “You already have a whole pile of stuff that doesn’t fit in the closet.” And sure, I know there’s dresses in the back of that closet that are like a size 3 from when I was 17 and they can be purged once I set aside time to do it, but otherwise, yeah, I do have more clothes than I have room for. But if I see something I like, I figure I might as well buy it. It doesn’t always seem like it, but I can be picky with my clothes (and shoes), so I’d rather buy what I like when I see it then hold out and not be able to find anything should I need it. The second silly thing is CDs. In the age of digital downloads, CD sales are tanking, but I still buy them because I don’t like relying on technology to store all my music. I realize this is less of a problem now that the cloud is a thing, but I still prefer for music–or at least most of it, the stuff I really like–to be in some sort of physical format. And because I’ve bought so much music over the years and continue to enjoy almost all of it, the storage space I’d need on a phone or iPod to be able to have it all on there to access at any time would be ridiculous. I have some of my favorites on my phone, but to me, buying an iPod that won’t even hold everything would be a waste. And all of this applies to still buying physical books instead of e-books and e-readers.

2 thoughts on “Friday 5: Gimme One Reason

  1. Music – I have plenty on CD and vinyl, and yes physical formats have permanence. I also do digital and have 22,000+ songs in my iTunes library as well as on 4 iPods, Android Phone of which 17,000+ songs so far are stored for free in Google’s music cloud. A lot of people don’t buy music these days since streaming from millions of songs in the cloud is becoming more prevalent. Buying music that you like is not silly IMO. Have fun listening to your music.

    1. Thanks! At last count, I had something like 11,000 songs, but that was before I transferred everything to a new computer and added anything else I’ve bought since. No idea what the count is now.

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