I say this every time it’s relevant, but I genuinely enjoy hanging out with relatives like aunts and uncles.

The annual Dancing Queen fundraiser rolled around again, this time pushed back to March after last year’s January show was killed by a snowstorm, and it does work a lot better–there’s no worrying about the weather or uncertainty about what might happen. So we dressed up and went out for a night of dancing with my mom, Aunt Elaine, and a friend of hers. We even did multiple pudding shots, which will probably always be fun.

I rode over with my mom, then just spent the night at the house in part because it was late and in part because I was just gonna have to be back the next day for a cousin’s bridal shower.

The thing with bridal showers is not only do I not like them, but being in the middle of planning my own wedding means that when I go to other people’s, they ask me when my shower is and then I have to say I don’t want one. Honestly, I haven’t had too many instances wedding planning where people disregard what we want in favor of their own opinions, but with the exception of pretty much just my mom’s family, the bridal-shower issue has been exactly that. Saying I don’t want one is never good enough and I end up having to go on about how we don’t have the space for more stuff and we don’t really need anything anyway, which is all true, but in reality, the main reason is I just straight up don’t like them. And you can’t exactly do that at someone else’s bridal shower without looking like a dick, unless it’s your last resort. Fortunately, it didn’t come to that, but it’s still incredibly frustrating to say, “I don’t need anything,” and then be met with, “Do it for the free stuff!” The result was a popular Facebook status in which I said people who hold that opinion should be forced to come to my apartment, clean the whole thing, and then put all the gifts away.

All that said, the shower did go well. Did nothing to convince me to have one, unfortunately for basically everyone, but I had a good time.


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