Paul and I volunteered to make things a little easier and take Emily off to visit a friend at school for a weekend. I picked her up at their parents’ house when I was in town and brought her back to our apartment for a little bit, where he had this whole dinner spread out for us. He’s apparently itching to entertain. So we hung out for a little bit, then went into Pittsburgh to drop Emily off at her friend’s campus.

Some missed messages meant Emily had some time to kill before her friend was free, and somehow I was already hungry again, so we walked around Oakland to find something small. We wanted crepes but the place was closed, so we picked a place at random, which ended up being Eat Unique, a really good place that had some great vegetarian and vegan options. I had a really good burger with pineapple in it, and Paul got pretty excited about their cookies.

It was my first weekend going on Saturday rotation for the month, so I volunteered to pick her up the next day, then headed to the gym after I dropped her off, where I started getting the texts that my grandfather wasn’t doing well. The next day was when my dad called me at work to let me know he died, conveniently the day Paul and I were meeting with our caterer. It was definitely a weird dichotomy, but I didn’t want to cancel and we did get some good stuff figured out for the wedding. And that’s always the weird thing about death–nothing stops, nothing slows down, and all this shit still needs done.


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