When Terra’s mom first started dating this guy Dave, Terra didn’t like him and everyone just kind of thought, you know, typical kid–albeit adult kid–not liking Mom’s new boyfriend. But as time goes on, it becomes more and more obvious that she was picking up on something it took everyone longer to catch on to.

For as long as I’ve known her, Terra’s had health issues. After passing out a couple times, her doctors felt she shouldn’t be driving–even though she never passed out at the wheel or even in a car at all–and so she never got her license. And now, a few years later with no fainting and in her late 20s, her doctors have cleared her to drive.

Now, Paul and I are pretty used to being her ride, and a couple times that we’ve been over, she’s driven our cars to get some practice in. Obviously, we don’t mind helping her out, but thanks to Dave, getting her license is getting really complicated–her brother or sister-in-law could take her for her test, but they have the worst string of luck with cars I’ve ever seen. After lots of car trouble, they got a new one, only to have someone make a left turn on red and hit them maybe a week or so, if that, after they bought it. and they have a toddler and new baby on top of that. Most of her friends, including us, live about an hour away, so she’s got a limited pool of people who can take her.

And the kicker is Dave won’t let Terra’s mom take her own damn car for Terra to use for the test.

So guess who’s been having to take her? Me and Paul. Now, it would be one thing if we could just squeeze this in on Saturdays or weeknights, but no, PennDOT is the worst. There’s no testing in the evening, and certain offices only test on certain days. Terra schedules the tests based on her work schedule, and because they’re only in the middle of the day and we live an hour away, that means either Paul or myself has to take a day off to take her. For the most part, we’ve at least been able to coordinate with days we were already planning to take off, like the day after concerts or days coming off of weekend rotation. I don’t blame her for it at all, especially when she’s told her mom that the two of us doing this isn’t that practical, and as much as I want to tell her we can’t, it’s not right. Granted, it may come to that with a week already scheduled off for the wedding and me slowly running out of free days, but for now, I won’t, and I absolutely blame Dave. He lives with her mom nearby and there’s not a single good reason he can’t let her use the car–and on top of that, he had the nerve to ask her why we’re the ones taking her. Gee, I wonder.

So far, she’s struggled with parking, like we pretty much all did. She’s actually really good at it when she practices, and then when she takes the test, her nerves get her and she makes a mistake and fails. Meanwhile, Paul and I are sitting waiting for her like nervous parents with their teenager.

So we take her and she usually feeds us, and last time, we did a little bit of shopping to see if we could find her a dress for the wedding. We ended up at Century III Mall, which used to be a pretty busy place but is now, like, a wasteland.

The next attempt is this coming Tuesday, a day I took off because I switched days with someone back for Pap Pap’s funeral and will be doing six days at work this week, so I wanted to either shorten this week or next to feel like I had more than a one-day weekend. So Tuesday it is. She’s used Paul’s car the previous two times, so my hope is that my smaller car will suit her a little better on the parking front.


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