Friday 5: Bizarro Cliche

  1. The Magic Word is “please,” but what’s the magic gesture? If it’s me trying to get something out of my fiancé, then just a little pout. It’s sillier than it sounds, though.
  2. “Big D” is Dallas, but where is Big G? How about Grandview Avenue in Pittsburgh? It’s up on Mt. Washington with a great view of the city.
  3. Elvis Presley is the King of Rock and Roll, but who’s the king of your personal music collection? It’s a shame I don’t have my collection totally up to date in iTunes, because I could find out for sure. My guess would be The Beatles, since I have the remastered box set. I feel like The Cure is probably a close second–I have the Join the Dots B-Sides and rarities box set, and if I don’t own every studio album they’ve done, I’m pretty damn close and I’m only missing ones that are harder to track down. And on top of that yet, most of the albums I do have are remastered multi-disk collections. And then there’s David Bowie. Now, I know I’m missing some stuff there, but again, box sets.
  4. The motherland is wherever you consider your family’s origins, but what’s the cousinland? Based solely on my love of the food, either Italy or Greece.
  5. CBS calls itself the Tiffany Network, but what would you call the Walmart Network? I want to say HGTV, but I’ll be honest, that’s mostly because it annoys me and it’s all basically the same.

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2 thoughts on “Friday 5: Bizarro Cliche

  1. Huh. When you think about it, it makes sense for HGTV shows to be all the same. For people into that kind of thing (a class of people that mystifies me), there’s never a reason to turn it off! I had visitors for three months from another country, and they couldn’t get enough.

    1. I definitely don’t see the appeal, either, at least not of full shows. Like, show me before and after pictures or like a ten-minute video. I don’t need an hour of finding things that aren’t up to code and arguing over backsplash tiles.

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