To (almost) close out the semester, Emily had one more play at school, so Paul squeezed it in at the most logical time–right at the end of an already packed weekend. After a quick trip to the mall to visit the only place, aside from Pittsburgh, I can still buy CDs.

The play was funny and we had a good time, even though Emily’s role was tiny, but she’s a freshman, Hopefully, we’ll see more of her in the future. Afterwards, we went to a hibachi place behind the mall for dinner.

We had another attempt at taking Terra to get her license a few days later with no success.

By the following weekend, Julie was in town. Originally, we were going to meet up with her on Sunday before she went back up to Erie, but staying with her parents was getting to her after a whopping day, so she decided to cut the visit short. Fortunately, we were still able to squeeze in dinner, so we took her to Presidents Pub, one of our favorite local spots, and had a nice dinner. We offered to let her stay with us next time she’s in town for the sake of her sanity, and it could actually work pretty well–it’s a straight shot down the interstate from Erie, and close enough that she can visit their parents in whatever smaller doses are better. In the meantime, she’ll be making at least some of our wedding favors.


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