At this point, Jukebox the Ghost coming to Pittsburgh is pretty much an annual thing, at least for the past few years. I was starting to think that their work on a new album this spring would keep them away, but nope–they took a break for a short stint on the road, which included a Pittsburgh stop.

Last year, Paul and I declared that Emily was gonna come with us, but turns out the timing of this one was too close to the end of her semester. So it was just Paul and I–and he came down with a bad cold that week. He was actually unsure about going, but I kind of talked him into it, and I think he’s probably glad I did. Not only was it a good show, but rather than stand on the floor the whole night, we decided to look into the venue’s balcony seating. The way it works is it’s essentially an upgrade where what you pay is put towards a food tab. It’s kind of not worth it in that regard, but if you think of it as food plus balcony seating of your choice, that helps. I don’t know that I’d do it again for that much money unless the circumstances, like congestion, made it really that much more appealing, but it was nice for the night.

It was a great concert from them, as usual, but I wasn’t able to get the next day off–the request list was full and we were too busy–so I had to suffer through a tired Friday.

And when the weekend hit, I got a much-needed haircut, we went to Rita’s, and started exploring some of the local trails I didn’t know we even had. I knew the Montour Trail ran up around Pittsburgh, but until Kelly posted pictures from a leg not far from us, I didn’t realize we could be there in a 20-minute drive. So a couple weeks in a row we went to different trail access points and walked it, and it’s been nice to get out now that it’s generally warm enough to do it. As good as I’m sure the gym is for me, I much prefer walking outside like that, and we’re not doing too bad distance-wise considering we didn’t do it all winter.


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