So after a fun-filled weekend, Paul and I have decided that we really need to hang out with our friends more often. Problem is we’re at least an hour away from all of them and our weekends are usually busy, and when they aren’t, we want to stay in. Dilemmas.

Meri came home for the weekend since Adam and his wife are expecting a baby and had a baby shower, so Friday night, we met her, Emily, Emily’s boyfriend Davon, and their daughter for dinner…at a Mexican restaurant on Cinco de Mayo. Meri got their early and got a table, but Emily was gonna be a little late because of work and Paul and I ended up late due to a combination of work and having to pick up a gift for said baby shower that I’d had sent to Target. I knew better than to think we’d be back before Target closed to get it, and he’d already forgotten it when he was actually in Target the day before, so Target was threatening to cancel the order if we didn’t get it by end of day Friday.

So we were about an hour late for dinner, which was awesome.

Unsurprisingly, it was also super crowded–even Adam and Ashley were there–and we talked about the hypocrisy of Trump voters celebrating Cinco de Mayo, as though white people celebrating it isn’t bad enough.

Our food took over an hour, the crowd never really died down, and I have no idea what time it was when we finally left, but hey, BOGO margaritas. From there, we went to Emily and Davon’s, where we mostly spent the evening playing games and dicking around until 3 in the morning, but it was a real good time.

Now, I did some social-media purging back in the aftermath of everything that happened, so every time I’ve seen Emily since, I’ve felt weird. I have a plan to sort of rectify that, especially now that everyone’s sort of patching things up, so we’ll see how that goes.

There were more festivities in Dunbar the next day followed by an invitation to Nolan and Brett’s new house, and I planned on going until I saw it would be an hour-and-a-half drive for me, coming after getting home at 4 in the morning the night before and before a hour-long drive the next day to the baby shower. So I decided to try to get shit done instead, to varied results. I took a nap at some point, so I guess my productivity level depends on how high you rank the importance of weekend naps. I also tried to find a large gift bag for said baby-shower gift and came home with Rita’s Italian ice instead. I did get a gift back when Paul came home with his Target card, at least, and also found some shoes I like for the wedding, so there’s that.

I slept as long as possible Sunday, we went to church, and I had a good time at the baby shower. I got some laundry done at my parents’, too, then headed to Sarah’s for a little bit while Meri was over, where we played some fun rounds of Clue with her family. I’m way out of practice, and her sister loves saying misleading things to trick people. It was good fun.

And somehow, I ended up going into the work week with sinus pain and pressure on one side of my face that’s much better than it was yesterday but still a pain in my ass.


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