Well, I’d say it was a successful Mother’s Day.

Paul’s mom was hard to shop for, as always, but we managed with trusty Harry & David gift sets and some neat warming coasters we found at the gift shop at Phipps when we were there a few weeks ago taking advantage of the membership we got for free when we switched to an energy-efficient electric company on a prior visit early in the year. As for my mom, we got some charms for her Snoopy bracelet, some Lush bath bombs and bubble bars, and a Snoopy cup we found grocery shopping this morning. Obviously, can’t go wrong with Snoopy with her.

I’d wanted to go to Phipps Saturday to see their blooming corpse flower, but Paul had plans with a friend and I spent the day doing some wedding planning and playing Skyrim. We went to Primanti’s to watch the Pens game in the evening, and I kind of lucked out when Paul talked to his dad about Mother’s Day plans–they were going to Phipps in the morning, and as long as they made it there by 11 to make it worth the trip for us before we had to meet my parents for lunch, we were going. And we made it, despite some traffic and delays because of a relay in that area that had streets closed. Having been there a few weeks prior was kind of an advantage, because we weren’t focused on taking our time going through and instead were able to catch up to his parents and enjoy the things that had changed in that brief time, like large glass sculptures. And enjoy things that were the most enjoyable about the last visit, like the butterfly garden. It’s kind of neat to see so many butterflies flying around freely. And of course, we got to see the blooming corpse flower, which is apparently a pretty rare event. And then I bought myself pretty things in the gift shop.

We ended up running a bit late for lunch. We left later than we’d wanted and would’ve been on track to make it on time anyway if not for a bridge being out and delaying traffic at the other bridges. But we had a nice mid-afternoon at a restaurant in Washington, Palazzo, and then stopped by the apartment to grab my mom’s gift before making a brief stop at the outlets. We owe Paul’s sister Julie a birthday present when we visit her in a couple weeks, but unfortunately, we didn’t have much success–even her live-in boyfriend struggled with what to get her this year and couldn’t help us much. We found a necklace with her birthstone, at least, and will hopefully find a couple other little things before we head up.

Next weekend, it’s all wedding stuff all weekend, which to me means shit is getting real. I have my dress fitting Saturday, then a meeting at church about music Sunday. I’m getting more excited and the few things I did get done this weekend made me feel a little less overwhelmed, but we’re now just over three months out and I don’t know how the time went so fast.


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