Friday 5: Malfunction Junction

  1. When have you had a wardrobe malfunction? I came close last weekend–I had a loose top on and was outside in the wind, and it was just the perfect combination to wear it was blowing my shirt right up.
  2. When did you last have a problem with your alarm clock? It didn’t go off a few days ago, but we have no idea why. Although we can’t rule out the very real possibility that I turned it off while I was half-asleep the second it went off.
  3. What was your most recent computer problem, and what was the fix? I have trouble sometimes with certain pages not loading. Usually a browser restart fixes it.
  4. What’s something about cars you know specifically because you had to have one repaired? Um…nothing. Not because I’ve never had a repair, but because my brain doesn’t retain the information.
  5. Have you had any brain malfunctions this week? There were a couple errors in transcripts at work that I didn’t catch until I’d looked at the same sentences a few times and finally realized it, but with transcripts, it’s super easy to not really read them closely. And then I forgot what day of the week it was just about every day but Monday and Friday.

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