It should be weird that my youngest cousin is graduating from high school and is off to college, but it’s not. And that’s kind of weird in itself.

Her graduation party was Saturday, so we spent a sunny afternoon with the relatives and watching my family play cornhole. The real winner there was me, who acknowledges I’m terrible at cornhole, refuses to give in to the peer pressure, and has more fun socializing instead.

We were set to go watch the Pens game at my parents’ house in the evening, so since we were gonna be in the area, we decided to make a trip to visit Paul’s family, too–mostly the new cat, Link, who was a good time. Strangely, although I’ve often been critical of how they used to treat their dog before it died, I think a cat could be really good for them. They’re more independent and easier to take care of, which I think is what they need.

Unfortunately, back at my parents’ place later, the Pens lost. The series is now tied.

On Sunday, we finally saw Get Out–Row House was doing a Creepy Communities theme, so even though I thought we missed it in theaters, we got a second chance. I was kinda sorta but not really spoiled, unfortunately, thanks to a headline about similar themes, but at least it wasn’t a full spoiler. But while it didn’t spoil the plot itself, it did spoil the experience, which is almost as bad. Because I had an idea of what direction things were going, I kept thinking about that and trying to see how things fit in with it, rather than just enjoying it and watching things unfold, which was kind of frustrating. But we really liked it and thought it was really well-done.


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