Friday 5: Questions Created Very Late Friday Morning

  1. What are you reading? The third book in the His Dark Materials trilogy, The Amber Spyglass; The Devil in the White City; Jane Austen’s collected works, currently on Pride & Prejudice; and Jurassic Park sequel The Lost World.
  2. What are you listening to? Coldplay’s new song, “All I Can Think About Is You.”
  3. Anything amusing or strange happen to you recently? Most recent strange think I can think of is getting that gross message from a former coworker.
  4. What’s cookin’? Nothing, at the moment. I just woke up from a very long morning nap.
  5. What was your contribution to your most recent potluck? I haven’t gone to a proper potluck in a while, but when my fiancé and I went to visit his sisters over Memorial Day, he took over some banana muffins he’d made.

As always, from Friday 5.


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