At some point while dating Paul, I became aware of two things: one, I knew we’d get married some day. Two, we’d be taking dance lessons when the time came. Paul’s 6’5″, thin, and kind of awkward–he compares his dancing to a marionette, and I can’t disagree. I don’t know that anyone who’s seen him dance would, either.

Quick digression: love is knowing your significant other is a godawful dancer and wanting to take dance lessons but never actually discouraging them from their awkward dancing in the meantime.

The lessons aren’t just for him–I hate not knowing what to do during slow dances other than that kind of silly sway, and I always like watching people who actually seem to know what they’re doing. And knowing we’ll have 200 people watching us dance together in two months makes me feel even weirder about it, so dance lessons it is.

I finally got around to it within the last couple weeks and after having to reschedule due to a conflict, we’re now two lessons in. We get eight private lessons, and then we can go to as many of the group lessons throughout the week as we want, plus the Friday night dance parties. We’re aiming for at least Tuesdays and Thursdays, Friday parties if we have the chance. So far, we’re two lessons in, and I already feel like we could hit a dance floor tomorrow and know what we’re doing. Sure, we’d probably stumble and mess up, but other than that…

As for the other days of the week, we did Father’s Day early with my family with dinner and a casino trip Friday night. We tried Angelo’s, an Italian place I’ve been wanting to go to but haven’t because Paul went there with co-workers for lunch and was unimpressed, and thus I’d be going alone. Having tried it, I see his point–I liked it. I’d go there again. But there are better places to eat here, and one of them just might be another Italian place that we’re trying for my birthday. Stay tuned.

The casino trip was okay. We had fun, but they took out a ton of our favorite slots, presumably to make room for more slots. I only lost about 15 bucks over the course of the night, which I’m pretty happy about, and of course my damn brother and Kelly won a couple hundred bucks.

Saturday we had a graduation party on Paul’s side of the family, and Sunday, we headed back to his parents’ place for Father’s Day, which was a pretty chill endeavor. His mom’s doing well–she’s on a new medication and was much more alert and lively than I’ve seen her in months, maybe in the past year or so.

This week brings more dance lessons, another attempt at Terra’s driver’s license, and hopefully mailing wedding invitations. Just waiting for them to ship from where I ordered them…


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