I’ve fallen behind, but I am officially 28 now. I don’t care that I’m creeping closer to 30, seriously. Age is just a number, and 30 is still young anyway. I’ve got so much time ahead of me that placing some meaning on age 30 is silly.

My birthday fell right in the middle of the week, so Paul and I went to dinner, just the two of us. Back when we were planning where to go with my family for Father’s Day, we were between two restaurants we’d never been to, and we picked one with more variety on the menu. I wanted to try both and we’re still trying to figure out where to have rehearsal dinner for the wedding, so for my birthday, I went for the place we rejected.

Paul and I had the same verdict–the place we went to for Father’s Day, Angelo’s, has a better atmosphere, but the birthday dinner, Roland’s, had better food. Angelo’s wasn’t bad or anything, it just wasn’t much different than Olive Garden quality. Roland’s, though…I’m almost positive everything we had was homemade. The place looks like a total dive and it’s in the middle of nowhere so it’s probably out for rehearsal dinner–plus the fact that it has very little parking–but it’s certainly the best Italian food in Washington. I can’t believe we went this long without knowing it existed, given the quality and rave reviews most other locals give it, but then again, with where it is, there’s  no reason we’d ever be out there for anything. It’s technically the same street we live on, just heading outside of town and into the woods.

I’ve said this before, but living together and doing most of your shopping together makes it hard to buy gifts that are a true surprise, especially for Paul, who’s incredibly unlikely to shop at all unless I want to go somewhere. So most of my gifts were not-so-subtle hints, like books by Al Franken and David Sedaris and Pens tee shirts. He did find some neat things on his own, though, so at least there was some element of surprise.

We came home with a ton of leftovers–I had about half my dinner left, plus gelato we got to go and a piece of cheesecake she threw in because it was my birthday. It was all fucking delicious and a great end to the day.

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