Friday 5: Grabby

  1. There’s a convenience store nearby and you have a small case of the munchies. What do you grab? I probably think about finding something healthy-ish, but ultimately settle on some chocolate-chip cookies. Or! If it’s a Sheetz, which is likely where I’m from, I order something, probably a veggie sandwich.
  2. You’re about to get on a plane and someone just stole all your reading material, but there’s a newsstand nearby. What magazine (of likely available titles) do you grab? A couple music magazines, most likely Rolling Stone and Spin because those are readily available. Maybe keep an eye out for others that I know I’ll like, like something politics.
  3. On a regular work day, where do you grab lunch and what do you get if you don’t bring a lunch from home? So I’ve never gone out for lunch at work outside of my first day–except for maybe once or twice–mostly because we get a half-hour and even with a good number of food options just down the road, you kill that half-hour really fast before you even get to eat. I’d probably either get a baked potato from Wendy’s, a salad from McDonald’s, or see what local café Zoup has.
  4. Instead of a lunch, you decide you need a quick nap during your workday. Where can you grab 40 winks? My car’s probably my best option.
  5. How close to your head is your cell phone when you’re asleep in bed? Almost always right next to it on my nightstand. I keep it out of the bed itself.

As always, from Friday 5.


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