Wedding planning has reached that point where we don’t have a lot of major things to do, for the most part, but instead have a bunch of little things that need handled. And that’s kind of how everything else has been–we’re not so busy with life that we’re bogged down and constantly doing something, but we’ve been doing things.

We had a graduation party one Saturday, then spent a little time at the Whiskey Rebellion Festival that weekend, although we missed most of the big fun things. We’re still going with our dance classes, and we’re still regularly going to the gym. We’d started slacking on our weightlifting routine, so we’re getting back into that.

I started watching The Handmaid’s Tale thanks to a Hulu trial we got trying to find a different show, and I figure I might as well use it. I wish I would’ve known sooner what this was actually about, because I would’ve picked up the book much, much sooner than I did otherwise. I didn’t find out until all the buzz about the show–which, by the way, I’m loving, for all of its creepy fucked-up-ness. I’ve read and watched a lot of shit and maybe it’s just because I’m a woman, but I think this is hands down the most extreme, disturbing sort of dystopian fiction I’ve seen. It’s a nightmare. I love it.

I also made some progress toward cooking more. I mean, I make dinner just about every night, but I never really do any baking, and I thought with the wedding coming up, it could be a good idea to try to make some of our cookies. That said, that’s not what I made. We were at Giant Eagle one night grabbing some little things, so I figured I’d get on my Pinterest and find a delicious food we didn’t need to buy a lot to make. I found a banana cake and made it a couple days later, and I have to say, being that this was the first time I’ve baked basically anything from scratch, I did a pretty good job. I also enjoyed actually making it more than I thought I would. I get impatient with cooking because I get bored with the actual act and just want the finished product, but I think actually having something delicious to show for my work makes it feel less annoying. But I don’t see myself doing it often, and definitely not the way Paul will bake cookies to cheer himself up. It’s also not something I want to devote a ton of time to, in the sense that when articles need written and a wedding needs planned, I feel like I don’t have the time to spare. So for now, culinary adventures in general are gonna be limited to days off with nothing else going on. I feel like I’m losing time I need for other things otherwise.

Lack of space doesn’t make it easy, either. We have basically no free counters and the kitchen table depends on whether or not it’s recently been cleared off, so that’s why I mixed a cake while sitting on the floor.


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