Booking Through Thursday: Format

All other things (like weight, cost, and so on) being equal, what’s your favorite format for a book? Hardcover? Paperback? Old? New? First edition? Digital? Audio?

I prefer a physical book of some kind. I see the advantages of digital, especially as I get older and I’m in an apartment with less and less room for actual books, but I just still prefer a book to hold and don’t like relying on electronics–plus I’d rather not have every single thing I do for fun involve a screen, mostly for the sake of my eyes. Paperback or hardcover depends. I definitely like the sturdiness of a hardcover, and I remember loving them as a kid, probably just because of the size and the fact that when you’re young, a hardcover seems so big and nice. But paperbacks are great to carry easily, especially as a lady who won’t go digital.


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