My wedding is this month. That’s ridiculous.

The dance studio where we’ve been taking lessons has weekly parties on Friday nights, where you come in, learn a dance, hang out, and have some snacks and possibly some beers. For the longest time, we never made it to one because it didn’t work with our schedule, but it finally worked out. And so our first Friday party was a potluck that we ended up really enjoying, and we got a chance to talk to a lot of the other students and hang out.

I switched shifts with a coworker for that Saturday so he could plan his own wedding, and in return, he’ll take my very last Saturday when I’m on rotation next month. It was an easy day, followed by the company picnic at Kennywood the next day. The weather was looking sketchy, but after being in the park twice now on cloudy days, I’m convinced it’s actually a great time to go as long as it doesn’t actually rain. It was hot enough to want to hit the water rides, although we never did, but it never got super crowded. We got there not long after the rides opened and had about an hour or so before they served food at our pavilion, and in that hour, we we able to ride almost all of what we wanted with very short lines. It was pretty great. And whatever we missed, we hit on the way out and we able to be home by evening, after a quick stop in the South Hills for some shopping.

Since I worked Saturday, I had a six-day week and a one-day weekend, which was spent almost entirely out at a park. I wanted a day to relax, so I took Monday off. Paul did, too, so we took my car for a much-needed oil change, went to breakfast, hit the gym, and then followed through with my brilliant idea of getting library cards. Honestly, Paul had the idea first and I shot it down, but we’ve reached a point where we’re buying books and piling them in front of the shelf because we have no other room. Plus I’m finding writers I want to check out without buying the book, so in the interest of saving both space and money, we went for it. It’s not the perfect plan because I still don’t have much reading time and there is no way I’m gonna finish a book in two weeks and the library limits the number of times you can renew a book, probably because of people like me, but worst-case scenario I can just check it back out another time. So far, I’ve only just started a book on the healthcare industry.

The other perk to the library, aside from all the features our library system has, is I feel like I have more freedom to branch out and read something maybe I might not otherwise if I were spending money buying the book. It’s zero-risk. I’m glad we did it, and I look forward to making regular library trips.


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