We’re hitting the end of my long string of events I bought tickets for, unfortunately.

The beginning of the month brought Eddie Izzard, who was in town more for a small book tour than comedy. But Eddie being Eddie, he was still funny and charismatic, talking a bit about his life and reading from his book and showing pictures of himself of people and places he was talking about. I’ve always enjoyed seeing him, so even in a smaller setting not necessarily dedicated to comedy was fun.

Paul’s sister Emily’s birthday was a few days later, and at some point, I suggested that if we didn’t get invited out for it last minute, we ought to celebrate with her our damn selves. She had the following Monday off from school, so she was home for the weekend. So we picked her up and took her out to lunch, which ended up being hibachi since she wanted sushi and it’s the only place we could get it in the area on a Sunday. We followed it up with a visit to their grandfather in the hospital, who was in for some internal bleeding. He was better than he had been a few days prior, Emily said, but of course he wasn’t thrilled about being in the hospital. And since Sarah’s working there now, we managed to just miss her–she had just gotten there right after we left.

In the meantime, I’ve been plugging away at articles for AXS, plus wedding thank-you notes. I got a few out at a pretty good pace, impressing some relatives in the beginning, but the pace has slowed. I’m still doing okay–modern etiquette is three months, meaning I still have time, but I do wish I’d made more progress than I have, especially as I’m keeping organized by depositing money after the thank-you is done.

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