Friday 5: October 6 through 10

  1. The first week of October is National Customer Service Week in the United States and Kenya. Where have you received especially good customer service? I’ll use my most recent example–I use a locally made sugar scrub because my skin is shit, and they have these like tiers where you get different rewards for spending so much money. And naturally, having shitty skin, I’m at the highest tier, meaning I get a free gift with every scrub plus coupons after I spend so much money. I get $10 off. Thing is, I also subscribe so that I’m automatically charged and shipped a new scrub, and you’re not able to apply coupon codes to that. Instead, they refund you the amount of the coupon if you ask. So I asked, they asked me to confirm, and I’m getting 10 bucks back in my account.
  2. The second Saturday in October was National Tree-Planting Day in Mongolia. When did you last do anything resembling tree-planting? Man, probably when I planted raspberry bushes in my parents’ yard in college. And now unless I happen to be over during raspberry season, which is very short, I don’t even get to enjoy them.
  3. October 4 was World Animal Day (the feast day of Francis of Assisi, the Patron Saint of Animals). What’s an obscure animal you know a thing or two about? I don’t think I know anything about obscure animals.
  4. October 6 was National Poetry Day in Ireland and the United Kingdom. What’s a line of poetry that springs to mind now that you’re thinking about poetry? I think of a few lines from some of my favorites, but the one that popped in first was “Monroeville, PA” by local poet Ed Ochester. I can recite it from memory–it’s very, very short–but I’d rather link it and let Ochester have the honor of entertaining you with it.
  5. What’s in your pocket? I’m not wearing any pants. But if I were, it would most likely be nothing. Typically, only my phone goes there, and it’s only for a hot minute.

As always, from Friday 5.

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