Now that the holidays are over, we haven’t had a lot of set, definitive plans for our weekends, which is kind of nice. So we ended up at Terra’s brother’s deli two Saturdays in a row for their Supper Serenade, where they have a different dinner special each week and live music, usually from Beautiful Bob, who’s probably one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. Bob has an impressive science background but kind of get fed up with some bullshit, quit, lived in an Occupy Pittsburgh camp, and now wears women’s clothing, plays music, and cleans out abandoned buildings in the city.

It’s been kind of a fun, casual hangout atmosphere for us. We get to eat, hang out with friends, hang out with new friends, meet new people, and enjoy some tunes, so it’s fun. It gets us out without being, like, a whole thing, plus we’ve been coming back with deli goodies. We bought lady locks the first weekend, and the second, muffins to take to my parents’ house the next morning and haggis Terra’s brother made that Paul wanted to try.

It’s not gonna be a weekly thing–we have plans for the next couple of Saturdays, most likely–but it’s something fun to do for when we need it. Plus food.


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