We’ve been hanging out with toddlers a lot lately.

It kind of happened all of a sudden. Like, you think about your friends and relatives having babies and how it’s more of a gradual thing, having more babies in your life, but it seems like it was more like one day, we were going to one toddler birthday party, and then another, and now it’s, like, a thing.

Part of it is Terra’s niece and nephew–they were at my wedding, I was watching them with her one weekend, and now that we’re going out for the Supper Serenade, they’re sometimes there, too. They were there last weekend with new toys from Grandma.

And the next day, we had a birthday party for Emily’s daughter, which I honestly didn’t expect an invite to but appreciated, and we had a nice time. And since we were in the area, we also stopped over at my parents’ to do laundry and hang out with Seger, because obviously.

We’ve had a few questions about when we’re having kids, and I don’t mind them, but I do find it hilarious how tentatively people do ask. Like, they know it’s kind of frowned upon to ask but genuinely want to know, so they kind of skirt it. The answer is when we finally have a house. I’d like to give it a little time after that to get an idea of what monthly expenses will actually be like verses estimating and factor that in, but for the most part, all bets are off then. The thing too is I don’t want to have this huge age gap between our kids and our friends’ kids. It’s not a matter of keeping up, really, or jumping into it before we’re ready–and there’s no such thing as ready anyway–but more like it would be nice to be in a similar place. We just have no room for an extra human in this apartment. We barely have room for the two of us in this apartment.

And of course because I’m an idiot, I mentioned this sort of outlined future plan to my mother-in-law, so I’m sure once we close on a house, the grandkid questions will start.


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