Saturday 9: Boat Drinks (1979)

Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here.

1) Jimmy Buffett is singing about his bandmates watching hockey in a sports bar. Since it’s Super Bowl weekend, our first question is: In cold weather, which sport to you watch most: football, hockey, or basketball? Hockey. Forever.

2) Jimmy sings it’s just 20º outside. How high will the mercury reach where you are today? The forecast claims we’ll hit 37, but it’s 35 right now and 1 in the afternoon so going up that two degrees seem unlikely.

3) “Boat drinks” are mixed drinks designed to enhance the enjoyment of a boat ride or time on the beach. Popular boat drinks include The Tequila Sunrise, Cuba Libre, and Mimosa. When did you last sip an alcoholic beverage? Was it a boat drink? I had a hard cider yesterday, which I’m pretty into these days.

4) Jimmy met his wife, Jane, in Key West at a bar called The Chart Room. Have you ever been to Key West? No, but I’d like to go. I have been to Florida, though.

5) Have you ever met anyone worth knowing at a bar? Not anyone I’ve ever kept up with, no, but plenty of characters.

6) While Keith Richard and Paul McCartney have made cameo appearances in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Jimmy Buffet has not. Producers have asked him, but he’s always had to decline because of his touring schedule. Have you seen any of the Pirates/Jack Sparrow movies? I saw the first three but none of the ones that have followed. I loved the first one, but let me tell you, the twists and double-crosses and completely ignoring prior characterization killed the third. They took what made the first one great and ruined it.

7) When Jimmy gave the commencement address at the University of Miami, he showed up in flip-flops. How many pairs of flip-flops do you own? Maybe one, possibly two? I hate them. They’re a beach/pool shoe to me, despite the fact that everyone wears them everywhere in the summer. Not a fan.

8) Jimmy has his own station on Sirius Radio. Do you subscribe to Sirius? No, although when my husband first bought his car, he got a free trial we were both big fans of. Just not enough to pay for it, especially since his work commute is like five minutes.

9) Random question: What trend or fad from your youth do you hope never makes a comeback? Shoulderpads were still a thing when I was kid and into my pre-teens, and I always thought it was the dumbest thing. Let them die.


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