Paul and I decided to go out for dinner Friday night, and while we were finishing up dinner, he was getting weird texts from one of his sisters, who seemed to be in the middle of a panic attack. So we decided to drive out to her. She calming down when we got there, and after a little while of dicking around, she was hungry and felt up to going out, so we took her to Chipotle. Since Paul and I were still full of sushi, we skipped eating there but did decide to get milkshakes across the street.

We’d intended to run a few errands after dinner, so they got pushed to Saturday–mostly all hair-related. I wanted some dye to spruce up my pink until I can go get it professionally re-done and Paul needed a haircut, so we tackled those and went to Mardi Gras with my parents and some extended family for the night. It was a real good time. Much good food and dancing. We went a few years ago but didn’t really like the food, and they opted for a buffet this time, so we decided that was worth another shot. Definite improvement from the last time we went.

Rather than drive the hour back home, we decided to just spend the night at my parents’ house, which meant a lot of lounging and Seger time. My cousin Adam stopped by with his wife to drop off tax stuff for my mom and had their baby with them, so we got some time hanging out with them. From there, we swung by Paul’s parents’ place, especially biggest his youngest brother’s 16th birthday was the next day, and had dinner and ice-cream cake. It was a good visit, too, with his mom doing really well.



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