I’m on weekend rotation at work again, which means Mondays off, which means the week it starts, I get a three-day weekend. It was nice to have three days off.

My mom’s birthday was Friday, so Saturday, she wanted to do dinner and a movie, so us kids and our spouses met my parents at the movies for Game Night, which entertained us all. Then we had dinner at Solomon’s, which is one of those places I’ve wanted to try for a long time and just never got around to. I quite liked it and it’s right across from our apartment, so it’s definitely one to keep in mind until the lease is up. And, I mean, after that, it’s just that the house will be out of town.

On the house front, it’s been taking up chunks of our time here and there. First, it was all the paperwork to make the offer, then it was the inspection and loan. Saturday morning was the inspection, and Sunday was a make/wait for phone calls type of day. The advantage was it was also a lazy day at home, and aside from having to take Paul to work due to a flat tire on his car, Monday was much of the same. But it was nice, and it’s one of the strangely nice things about working Saturdays–because no one else has Mondays off, I’m not making any plans, so I get a day to myself at home. A lot of times, it’s a day for phone calls and things that can be tough to do with normal working hours, but it’s also a good opportunity for books and Netflix.

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