1. What’s the scariest movie you’ve seen? The most scared I’ve ever been during a movie was when I saw Signs, which I know some people are gonna think is really dumb, but first of all, when M. Night Shyamalan is on, he’s on, and I get that people hate the end and I get why, but the rest of the movie does a lot really, really well. And when you’re like 12 or 13 and aliens are the easiest way to scare you, there ya go. That said, it’s not one that still scares me–although I think it’s rare to find a scary movie that can keep up the tension on multiple viewings.
  2. What most recently startled you? A deer running kind of in my peripheral vision near the side of the road, but mostly because of a fear of hitting one.
  3. What’s something in your residence that’s frightening? Man, just the whole state of my apartment. It’s a mess, but we’re in the process of moving–and in terms of the house, it’s just the unknowns. Like, you know how after some time living in a place, you know what it sounds like? I’ve been around enough that I know the sounds of like the heat and the hot-water tank, but I don’t feel like I know it well enough to tune out your typical house sounds the way we all do eventually. I’m gonna sleep like shit the first night there, I’m sure. There’s also the fact that a lightbulb burned out at the precise moment I read this question…
  4. What kinds of social settings cause you anxiety? I don’t like making phone calls, and I don’t like answering the phone at work in the very rare instances where I’ve had to. I also don’t like being alone at a party, or like a small get-together where I only know one or two. I feel really self-conscious and I don’t want to be left with people I don’t know, so I tend to hover around the people I know. If I start talking to someone, I’m fine, I just don’t like feeling like I’m sitting there by myself, and I’m clearly not one to make smalltalk with people around me.
  5. What’s something you are no longer afraid of? Standing up for myself and putting myself first, even if its means pissing people off or losing them entirely. Somewhat related, losing friends, in the falling-out sense. I used to think it was the worst possible thing that could happen, and then it did happen, and I came out on the other end of it more than just okay. I’m not afraid I’m a terrible writer anymore, either.

As always, from here.


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