Getting sick doesn’t do much for progress with fixing up and moving into a house.

The original plan was to finish priming ugly wood paneling the weekend after my mom came out to get it started, but I ended up sick the rest of that week and although I was back at work by Friday, spending another day or so painting seemed like a bad idea. So we put it off.

Thursday night, Brandon and I went to see JD McPherson in Pittsburgh–and the show was amazing–so I took Friday off. Mom’s been offering to come help some more, so she took the day off, too, and we figured we’d either finish the priming or get to taking down ugly wallpaper in the kitchen. A stubborn coat rack kept us from finishing the priming, so wallpaper it was. We ended up not having a whole hell of a lot of time thanks to a late start and a deadline of dinner with Paul’s coworkers, but we got the bulk of it down. All that’s left is the parts above the cabinets and the stubborn sections that didn’t come off easily.

Paul and I headed over to dinner, then to his friend Andrew’s place–by the time I was showered and we got to the restaurant, he and he fiancée had already left, so we swung by for drinks and an illegal stream of Thor: Ragnarok. 

April decided to turn into summer for the weekend–it jumped back to late winter/early spring today–so we took advantage of the heat and sunshine and went for a walk. I was still not feeling so great and a walk probably wasn’t the greatest idea, because it really wore me out, but I’m glad we got out. We swung by the outlets for a food-truck festival, which was about picked over so all we got was lemonades, then did a little shopping.

Sunday was mostly House Day. Paul had to stop into work and we needed to make a Home Depot run, and then we figured since we missed out on the food trucks Saturday, we’d try again Sunday. We got some pretty great Polish food, which seemed a little silly since we eat Polish food all the time, but sometimes, a girl just needs a styrofoam box full of haluski…

The work in the house actually went by pretty quick. Paul was able to take care of the stubborn coat rack, so aside from some spots that need a touch-up, the priming is done. We also got just about all of the wallpaper off the bottom half of the wall and just need to do the top half and above the cabinets, so we made good progress. The goal for this weekend is to officially finish up the priming and maybe prime the wallpaperless wall if we get it all clear. I understand why it was put up in the first place, though–the top half is white, and the bottom half is, like, this Pepto Bismol pink.

Now, the fun thing is in doing this work, some big differences between Paul and I have emerged. He’s kind of enjoying the process. He doesn’t mind the work because it’s our house, so it’s kind of like a goal for him. As for me, I’m just impatient. I want all of this done and I want it done yesterday so I can spend the rest of my time moving in and saying good riddance to the apartment. You can imagine how well I’m doing with having to wait on contractors before we can redo the floors and siding. I realize I have to and I’m not, like, being a bitch, but man, do I just want to skip ahead a solid two weeks. Paul’s dad is gonna handle the floors, at least, so as soon as he can come out, get a look at what’s under the carpet, and get going, that’s taken care of. The siding is gonna take a little longer, but at least I can live in the place in the midst of that.


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