Friday 5: Vive la Différence

  1. What’s a food that tastes completely unlike anything else you can think of? My beloved pad thai, I think, because it seems like no two restaurants do it the same.
  2. What’s a movie that’s completely unlike any movie you can think of? This is tough, because I so often see pieces of things in other things. Maybe Mulholland Drive.
  3. Who’s a musician or band you consider completely unoriginal but whom you still like? I love rock, but I’ll admit there’s little variety in the genre. The bands I love are just the ones who are doing it really, really well, because some rock bands can and do sound very generic. Some of the rock bands I’ve come across in recent years haven’t brought anything new to the music world, but they’ve just had kick-ass songs.
  4. Who or what are two people or things you keep mixing up with one another? I don’t know why I do this because they’re very different things and it’s really obvious which is which, but the movie Mad Max and the restaurant Mad Mex. Also, blond actors named Chris. Except Chris Pratt. I never get him confused with anyone.
  5. What’s something you’ll do this weekend that’s different from your normal weekend activity? Going dancing! It’s time for the annual Dancing Queen fundraiser at the firehall, so the usual relatives who like to hit a dance floor are going out tonight. I’ll also be doing work in the new house, which is a normal weekend activity as of late but not a normal weekend activity in the grand scheme of things. It’s new to us, and it’s temporary.

As always, from Friday 5.

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