Saturday 9: Lowdown (1976)

Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, “the lowdown” is an unpleasant truth. Tell us about a time when you had to do like Boz and give someone “the lowdown.” I once looked a sketchy dude–I’m talking drugs, reputation for stealing–right in the eye and told him he wasn’t trusted.

2) The lowdown Boz delivers is about the woman his friend is seeing. Specifically, she’s gossiping about his finances. If you discovered something negative about a friend’s romantic partner, would you share it with your friend? Or would you keep it to yourself? I’d say I’d almost definitely share it, but it might depend on what it is. I think people have a right to know if something’s going on they might take issue with or that might impact a relationship. I can’t get behind the whole mentality some people have that you should never get involved. I’d be more upset if I found out my friends knew things and had been keeping them from me.
3) Boz was born William Royce Scaggs, but in high school he was given the nickname “Bosley” — later shortened to “Boz.” His friends thought “Bosley” sounded nerdier than “Bill,” andScaggs was quite the music nerd. What is something you’re nerdy about? I’m a music nerd, too, at least in some ways. Not in the technical sense, but I could very confidently compete on a show like “Beat Shazam.”

4) His son Austin Scaggs is a contributing editor at Rolling Stone. What magazines are in the room you’re in right now? There’s definitely a Rolling Stone somewhere, if not in this room, in another. There’s also editions of Paste Quarterly, which seems to have stalled after issue #2. And then there’s the magazines I get for mysterious reasons, like housekeeping things and People and Cosmopolitan, none of which I read. My theory is that at FYE, when they ask if I’d like to subscribe and I decline, they sign me up anyway.

5) Boz and his wife own a vineyard in Napa. Do you prefer white or red wine? White. It took me too long to really acknowledge that. Red wine has an acidic quality to it that bothers me.

6) In 1976, the year this song was popular, movie queen Elizabeth Taylor needed an escort to one of the nation’s Bicentennial celebrations. Former Under Secretary of the Navy John Warner was asked to take her to the event, and within months he became her husband. Have you ever had a “blind date” that turned into a relationship? Nope. Never been on a blind date. I’m not sure how much I’d enjoy the setup, were I unwed.

7) Also in 1976, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs founded Apple in Jobs’ parents’ garage. Does your garage serve as your office, workshop or studio? Or is it just home to your car? At the apartment, I don’t have one, but in the new house we’re still in the process of getting ready, it’ll store the cars but be some workshop space. It has tons of built-in shelving and some workbenches the previous owners left, and I think my husband and I are both hoping to make use of them. Currently, they’re where we leave the paintbrushes to dry between paint projects.

8) The Bionic Woman premiered in 1976. Because of her “bionic parts,” Jaimie Summers could run faster than most cars, had superhuman strength, and super-sensitive hearing. If you could have one of those qualities enhanced — speed, strength or hearing — which would you choose? Speed or strength. I have pretty great hearing as it is, and speed or strength would be most useful to me. I mean, if I could just speed-run to work every morning…

9) Random question: When you lean in for a kiss, do you tilt your head to the right or to the left? Right, usually. It depends on which way husband’s leaning. I don’t think either of us always tilts the same direction.


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