Just for shits, I should compare the first time I went to my high school’s fundraiser auctions and this last time. Like, the first time, I think I was still living with my parents, and if I wasn’t, I hadn’t been out long and I was probably near broke and arguably shouldn’t have even gone to said auction, but my now in-laws probably were selling tickets through their kids. I paid closer attention to the bids I put in and came home with a few nice things.

You’d think a year with more spending money would bring that, but no, I paid less attention. Probably because I knew all those middle-aged Catholic parents were gonna beat me out anyway, and I know it’s to benefit the school, but I’m not really interested in overspending here for a weekend stay at a hotel in the mountains. I want to get stuff below its market value. Come on. I’m a newlywed millennial who just bought a house a month ago.

I was prepared to eat and drink the cost of the ticket, but turns out Leah, who I’ve known since middle school, was there with her family, which shouldn’t be a surprise. We squeezed in at their table, did a little catching up, and generally drank and enjoyed the night. In the end, all Paul and I walked away with was the raffle winnings of a serving dish, along with some restaurant gift cards, but hey, not bad for the cost of the raffle tickets.

We talked to one of my favorite teachers, and I still wonder if it was obvious I was drunk. I think I’m a subtle drunk, but I also think most drunk people think that.

We spent the next day working on the house, as we spend most of our free weekends lately–and a couple weeknights, but we’ll get to that later.


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