1. What’s something you remember about your high school graduation? Not much, at least about the actual ceremony–it was boring. Almost all graduation ceremonies are. Sorry, graduates. That’s why I didn’t go to my own college graduation ceremony. I remember hanging out with my friends afterwards more than anything.
  2. If you were asked to speak at a commencement ceremony this year, what would be the theme of your message? I’d focus on building a future and a life that you love, no matter what that looks like, and not giving in to outsiders telling you what you should do. A lot of people around us mean well when they try to steer us certain directions, but they’re not the ones waking up every day and living your life. Do what makes you happy, not what makes your parents happy.
  3. What items in your possession are marked with the name or logo of your high school or college? I’m sure I have something from my high school around here somewhere, I just don’t know what or where. I do think I have a few more things from college–definitely a hoodie and tote bag, maybe a couple more other things lurking.
  4. What do you expect will be your next rite of passage? So I’ve finished high school and college, got a job, moved out of my parents’ house, got married, bought a car, and bought a house, so I guess the next big thing would be having a kid, which is…kind of terrifying.
  5. What’s a good movie with a graduation scene, or a good movie with a graduation theme? Legally Blonde. Duh.

As always, from Friday 5.


2 thoughts on “Friday 5: Who Put the Pomp in the Pomp Bah Pomp Bah Pomp

  1. Having a kid as your next rite of passage IS terrifying, but some of this week’s respondents said death, which seems a bit more so. 🙂

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