Back when we initially ripped out the carpet in the house, it was at the end of April–about a full month before Memorial Day. So we kind of figured that the new floors would easily be put in over the course of that month.

Not so!

I’m frustrated. On one hand, I get that with my father-in-law doing it, we’re not customers and he knows we have two months left on our apartment lease so there’s technically no hurry, but man, has it stalled everything else. We don’t want to move furniture until we have floors in, obviously, and as is very, very typical of me, I hate having to wait for other people to do things.

We decided to go ahead and keep our planned Memorial Day party on and spent a weekend buying some furniture for our nice, big deck. And despite a sectional couch, nice cooler, coffee table, and two chairs with another small table, one whole end of the thing still looks empty. Both sets of parents brought over folding chairs so people could sit inside if they wanted, but a lot of us hung out outside, despite the heat. And that’s the thing–normally, Memorial Day would be nice and sunny and warm, maybe border on hot, but not quite the level we got. It wasn’t unbearable, but it wasn’t ideal, either. We skipped spring and went right into summer scorchers, plus a lot of rain.

That aside, though, I think we threw a good informal party. Plenty of food and alcohol, good stream of people, and it was nice to get everyone over and hanging out, even though it was heavily dominated by my friends and family and not Paul’s. But he chose not to invite them, so…

One of the things we’ve noticed over the years is that everyone’s busy, obviously, and ends up trying to juggle much-needed downtime with wanting to hang out with people, and that a lot of times, someone needs to take initiative. Everyone always says they should get together more and never does, and frankly, I don’t buy that that’s just a thing people say to be nice. Some do, for sure, but when people easily get caught up talking for hours, they really do want to hang out more. So I decided we have decent space–certainly a lot more than we have in our apartment–so we’re gonna be those people. Not everyone has to come every single time, it doesn’t have to be a huge thing every single time, but damn it, if it’s a holiday and people are off from work or cousins and friends are in from out of town, we’re gonna say, “Come over!” We leave things like this saying we had fun and wish we saw so-and-so more, so damn it, we’re gonna make it happen.

Otherwise, the minor work continues. We had a few paint spots to touch up pre-party but ran out of time, so that needs done. New carpet is going into the bedrooms hopefully next Monday, if they can get us in that day, and if I have my way, bedroom furniture will get hauled over soon after and we can at least stay there and be out of the apartment and just haul the rest of the furniture over when the other floors are done, then take our time moving any other little stuff and cleaning the whole apartment before we have to be out. Something went awry with the lawnmower that’s more than likely fixable, but we decided to invest in a new one anyway, party because that way, we can both be out there at once and get it down faster.

Basically, we’ve been spending a lot of time and money at Home Depot, but I think the end is in sight.

And the apartment is slowly being overtaken by boxes.


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