We had a rare kind of chill weekend–nowhere we needed to be and nothing we needed to do, really, other than run some errands, mostly house-related.

The good thing with the house is the previous owners left the lawnmower for us. The bad news is Paul put a little too much oil in and now the thing won’t run, so until we can get that problem solved, we decided to splurge on a new mower. It’ll have the added bonus of getting the lawn done faster–we can each take a mower and knock it out. Plus the new one has a bag to actually gather the grass clippings. Raking them was too much of a project.

We also picked out carpet for the bedrooms, and we now finally have a timeline for the end of small projects and move-in–as long as the carpet is in by then, it’s being installed next week, and the fake hardwood will follow in the days after. When exactly we’ll move in is a little up in the air, just because we have to coordinate with whoever’s coming to help and ideally plan it over a weekend with nothing else happening and no rain in the forecast, but it seems like it’s rained nearly every day, so that’s not looking promising.

We decided to get gas points and buy gift cards to make all these purchases, which then meant since Paul’s dad is doing the floors, we had to take him said gift card, so we did that Sunday after a trip up to the mountains with my parents and Seger.

One of my cousins is getting married on Friday, so I took the day off. And with three weeks’ vacation time to use and no concrete plans for an actual vacation, I figured to really give myself a nice, long weekend and took next Monday off, too.


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