So there was a fun mishap on Saturday where I couldn’t get in the building at work due to something with the door code. At least I was able to come back home and work here, but still, not great.

The good news is it meant I was able to have lunch with Julie, who was in town for a bridal shower I got out of couldn’t make it to. She and Paul had plans to grab lunch, so they got takeout and I spent my half-hour break hanging out on the deck with them. Julie and her boyfriend, Michael, got engaged earlier this summer and are in the early stages of wedding planning, so we were chatting about that and mommy dearest. Like me, Julie doesn’t want a bridal shower because, like me, she doesn’t need the stuff, so we’ll see how that plays out.

In the evening, Paul and I went for a long walk on a nearby trail, then stopped over at the mall since we were really close to it, then in the morning made our weekly trip to the coffee shop in town and headed up to the mountains for another couple hours of hiking. When we were done, we went to my parents’ house for a bit.

I spent my Monday off enjoying a day at home, and man, waking up and walking down the hall of my house is great. So is the fact that the moving is done, although muscle memory is powerful–although neither of us has gone to the apartment instead of the house, we’ve both had some close calls.

This weekend, Brandon gets back from three weeks away doing military training, and the plan is for a Sunday zoo trip.


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