For at least the last few weeks, probably over a month, my family’s summer plans have hinged on my brother. We still haven’t celebrated Father’s Day–my dad wanted to go into downtown Pittsburgh but not on the day itself, and my brother’s been going here one weekend and there the next, and for the last three weeks, he’s been out in California for his annual summer training with the military. But the day after he got back in the state and the morning Kelly went to pick him up, we squeezed in our annual zoo trip. Much fun was had by all. Plus after three weeks of shitty military cooking, he wanted to eat at Hofbrauhaus. A win for us all.

Meanwhile, in the new house, we still haven’t technically unpacked, but the number of boxes sitting in the middle of rooms and hallways is dwindling slowly. Neither Brandon nor I has fully removed our belongings from our parents’ house, so now that I have room for almost all of it, she had me come over to clean out my designated shelf in the garage. I couldn’t take everything–after we get some credit cards paid down, we need a nice set of living-room furniture and some other small pieces, and there’s some little stuff down in that garage that wouldn’t have a place to go in the house just yet, like the china I got that was my grandmother’s. But we did remove three big boxes, a few smaller ones, and a big bag, so that’s progress.

And then I set out with my parents to upgrade our phones. I’d say it was about a year ago that my phone was showing signs of being ready for a new one, but I put it off. Then last week, two days in a row, my battery life plummeted after just opening Twitter, and although it hadn’t done it since, I was afraid of having to constantly be tethered to a charger as the battery life dwindled. Now, I’ve said many a time that I do not give two shits about having the latest and greatest anything, and my upgrade strategy is to get a newer model but not the newest–I almost always opt for the oldest model they’re still selling that’s newer than the one I have. So the funny part is that while I’d been carrying an iPhone 5S for quite possibly four years or longer, I only moved up to a 6S. I’m many a generation behind and the differences between the models are minimal, but let me tell you, I’m playing with the thing like it’s an X. And the rose-gold finish is so great.

I have a hair under two weeks left of reporting to the office before I go back to working from home, and lemme tell ya, even though I only did two or three weeks or working from home, it was enough to make me miss it a week into the in-office rotation. It’s not even that I dislike going in, per se–I like seeing people and talking to them, and with almost everyone working remote, it’s really quiet and has a more informal feel than it used to, but man, you just can’t beat getting up 20 minutes before your start time and working in your pajamas.

This coming weekend, Paul’s grandparents were going to have an anniversary party, but it’s been canceled, so we may be looking at a weekend to ourselves for the first time in a few weeks. We could use it–I’d really like to go to a movie, and as infrequently as we make it to new ones, showings of Little Miss Sunshine at Row House are really, really tempting. Paul’s never seen it, much like many movies that came out when his siblings were young. That is one of the great things about Row House. They have a new theme every week, and if you want to introduce someone to an older movie you love and still have that theater experience, that’s the way to do it.


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