Friday 5: Over Under Sideways Down

  1. What are you so over? Rain! We haven’t cut the grass in a week or so easily because just when we think we have a break in the weather to do it, it rains again. The last 24-ish hours, we’ve finally gotten a long-term, sunny break, so as soon as I finish this, I’m heading out.
  2. What’s something you’ve got under wraps? Ooh. I can’t say! I can’t even hint at it because it’ll be too obvious. I don’t even want to drop a hint about when I can come out and say it. But you’ll know.
  3. What does it take to get you sideways, and what’s your preferred method? Either a lot of liquor or a little bit of wine.
  4. What’s coming down the pike? Some much-needed lawn care and a new front door. I’m putting off new landscaping until next spring or summer, but now that the weather’s cooler, we’re gonna rip all the shit out of the garden plot to get it ready to plant. We’re gonna weed-whack the shit out of the front of the house. We still can’t really afford to either redo the siding or paint the house, but we definitely need a new front door before winter–the current one’s too drafty and I wanted a new one anyway–so I’m hoping to tackle that in the next few weeks.
  5. What’s the last thing you read directions for? Instructions for a fireplace screen, mostly to get an idea of if it would work for what I need…which is to keep the cat out of the damn fireplace.

As always, from Friday 5.

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