When there’s an eight-year gap between you and one of your sisters-in-law, the obvious way to solidify yourself as a cool in-law is to throw her a small 21st birthday party.

(I kid. She already loves me. I don’t really need to try here.)

She doesn’t have her driver’s license yet and doesn’t want to spend the money for a photo ID when she’s taking her driving test in like a week or so, which I can’t blame her for, so rather than go out to places where she had a 99% chance of being denied a drink, we decided to stay in.

I mean, she’s been able to drink a few places, but when we went out to a Primanti’s Friday night after we picked her up and our waitress actually took mine and Paul’s IDs to have them scanned, I knew she wasn’t gonna stand a chance. Like, I know I don’t look like I’m 29, but damn, no one scans my ID anymore. Maybe at the casino and that’s it. Most people would be flattered, taking it as a sign that they look young, but either we had an overzealous waitress or it’s some kind of Friday-night, under-30 policy.

Anyway, we didn’t do a whole hell of a lot Friday night, then spent most of the day Saturday cleaning and unpacking shit so we had an actual usable, presentable living room. And I have to say, now that almost all the boxes are out of the room–we have a few stragglers in the kitchen area–the house looks bigger. Who knew? It’s also just nice to have it picked up. The place looks nicer, too, obviously, and I think it makes me appreciate it more. The new floors look great, everything is more organized, and it’s a space I’m proud of.

We haven’t bought new living-room furniture yet, though. We bought a new bedroom set and mattress, expensive new lawnmower, new floors, and new carpet all on top of the house itself, so rather than have even more in bills, we’ve been waiting to get some things paid down. Our solution? Bring the deck furniture in! We have nice wicker furniture that’s obviously meant for the outdoors but looks nice otherwise, and hey, it was entertaining space. It was far, far better than either sitting on the deck in the cold or cramming onto smaller furniture in another room.

We kept it small, too–Jacob and Katie, plus a cousin and significant other. A friend of Paul’s and his girlfriend did stop by for a little bit, but mostly, it was just us. We had a pretty entertaining night of just kind of bullshitting, and Paul got more drunk than I’ve seen him in a long, long time. Not that that’s hard, with his abysmal alcohol tolerance.

Our cat, Robin, was the star of the evening, getting much attention, and since every single guest was also a Cat Parent, we talked about our cats a lot. And everyone left by midnight. What an exciting 21st for Emily!

Naturally, we slept pretty late Sunday, at least for us, because midnight is also pretty late for us these days. Emily had some money to burn and opted for a South Hills shopping trip, so we grabbed some lunch then made our way to the mall for make-up and bath bombs before taking her back to her dorm.


re looking at more fun this weekend with the annual local production of Rocky Horror.


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