Friday 5: Off Kilter

  1. What actor or actress would you like to see in a film genre he or she has never attempted? It’s tough to say because I’m so behind on new stuff that I have a hard time pinpointing certain people. And on top of that, I’m the type, strangely, who has a hard time picturing it when someone is cast outside of their usual genres.
  2. When did you recently see something beautiful in an unexpected place? It’s not that unexpected, but the snow in our backyard. I commented when we bought the house, especially since we bought it at the end of winter when things were still dead but not really snowy, that I bet looked it beautiful in the snow, and it does. It’s more that sometimes, you take the beauty in your backyard for granted.
  3. In what way is someone you really admire flawed? I’m gonna throw in two–one personal, one famous, and the personal one has the delightful bonus of a trait I share. It’s my mother. She can be stubborn, and sometimes, if she’s convinced she’s right, she won’t back down, even if she’s wrong. She doesn’t always apologize or admit to mistakes. And…I do all of that, too, to varying degrees. Let me tell you, arguing with someone with the exact same arguing style as you is a great time. The famous example is Amanda Palmer. I love her, and I do think that she means well and that a lot of the criticism she gets is from a misunderstanding of something she’s said, nitpicking, and a small dose of her haters not wanting to acknowledge the ways that she does try to remedy things when she messes up. This might not necessarily be quite accurate now, but for a time, she seemed to not quite get some legit concerns with certain things.
  4. In what situation did you recently find yourself utterly out of your element? A little bit when we were helping my best friend’s boyfriend move on Sunday. I lift weights and I’m definitely stronger than I used to be, but I just can’t grab and carry large boxes full of stuff. A couple of times, I was able to carry something down the stairs, only to see my husband heading back up to get more, and I’d pass off my box to him because getting it the whole way to the car was gonna be a struggle. And at a certain point, when the boxes were all packed up and furniture was left, I was basically sitting there while the boys hauled the rest.
  5. What implement do you use in a manner unintended by its designer? I’ll use almost anything as a foot rest. And then our bed is one of the ones with drawers at the bottom, which is great for our small bedroom, and so the mattress sits kind of on slats above the drawers. The design creates a little ledge around the bed, and I basically use it as a nightstand–it’s where I put my glasses, phone, and anything in my hair like clips or pins when I go to bed. As a result, I have on more than one occasion lifted up the mattress to find hair ties and bobby pins scattered everywhere.

As always, from Friday 5.

One response to “Friday 5: Off Kilter”

  1. “Sometimes, you take the beauty in your backyard for granted” should be a Calvin & Hobbes strip.

    Also sometimes: being strong is helpful but not the important thing with moving boxes. Taller people have more leverage, and it’s not as awkward for them to hold large, cube-shaped things in their arms. Not your fault! 🙂

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