Friday 5: This Spud’s for You

  1. What’s your favorite dish in which potatoes are a supporting ingredient (and not the star)? My first two answers were potato salad and Taco Bell’s potato tacos, in case you’re wondering how easily I could think of potatoes as “a supporting ingredient.” And then I thought of gnocchi, and then pierogis. So…I give up.
  2. What is your favorite type of french fry? Crinkle-cut fries are pretty cool. In general, I like a thick fry, especially if it’s practically just potato wedges.
  3. How did you last use a potato in your cooking? I haven’t made anything with potatoes in a while, other than instant mashed potatoes. My husband did attempt my grandma’s potato salad over the summer, though.
  4. What’s your favorite potato chip? I’ve really been enjoying restaurants that make their own chips, because I like the crunch and the thicker chip that you get as opposed to store-bought. But when it comes to said store-bought chips, barbecue is my favorite. My favorite brand is probably Miss Vickie’s, I think because they’re kind of similar to restaurant chips.
  5. What’s a word you pronounce differently from the way most people around you pronounce it? My friends and I used to intentionally mispronounce words as I joke, and then I started doing it with my husband, so if any of us forget we’re in front of normal people, you’ll hear all sorts of bizarre word choices. I can’t think of anything I pronounce differently just, like, in normal conversation, though.

As always, from Friday 5.

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