December is always a busy month for us. I think it’s busy for almost everyone as it is, but as a couple, that means double the family and friends having parties, not to mention other stuff like work parties and just what we want to do on our own.

I’d be super bummed if we missed The Nutcracker, and we just managed to fit it in. We had a free Sunday–following a Saturday of my hair getting a fresh dose of purple dye–so we bought our tickets the night before and headed into the city. We squeezed in Christmas shopping where we could in the South Hills both before and after, plus a little bit at the theater. When your sister-in-law likes both ballet and tea, you do not pass that up, even if she might want to wait until she’s not pregnant to drink it.

The show was great, as always, and I will never not love it unless it’s really, spectacularly terrible, and I think a ballet company would have to really try to do that.

We grabbed dinner in the South Hills afterwards and ended up being out a tiny bit past my bedtime.


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