So here’s what I’d like to accomplish in the year ahead.

  • Home improvements. The biggest need is either new paint or new siding, but there are some smaller projects to tackle, too, like replacing some old, worn doors and staining the deck. I don’t know about doing it in 2019, but I’d also like to replace the water heater, upgrade our thermostat, get the fireplace in working order, and install an electrical outlet in the main bathroom because strangely, there isn’t one. If the siding gets done and we can afford new landscaping, that, too. And new furniture is on the list and definitely doable, especially the living room. I’d also like some sort of small china cabinet and something for recyclables.
  • Keep a cleaner home. Honestly, I think we’re both doing a little better at staying tidy in the house than we did the apartment for a few reasons–one is definitely space, and maybe this is all psychological, but it at least feels like a cleaner place by virtue of being less cluttered. I also think that because we own it, we have a little more pride in it, so we’re a little more motivated to stay on top of things.
  • Don’t say a fucking word about turning 30. I realize that by default, I’m already breaking this, but hear me out–I am and have always been a firm believer that 30 is not old and that lamentations about turning 30 are ridiculous, and even though I am kind of like, “Oh, wow, holy shit, 30 years old,” it’s not necessarily in an, “Oh, my God, I’m old and my life is over,” way the way a lot of people say it, and because it’s almost always meant that way, I don’t want to even address it because I don’t want to even imply that’s how I feel about it. So at least when it comes to social media, I’m not drawing attention to it…and I’m now realizing that astute social-media users might read into that the opposite of what I mean anyway. Whatever. Still not doing it.
  • Be a kick-ass aunt. The first baby in the family is due in May, and I intend to spoil the shit out of her.
  • Have my own kid? I don’t feel like I’m ready to have kids, but I know everyone says you never are and I know myself well enough to know that if I ever do feel ready, it’ll be too late. So I’m leaving this up to fate. We’re not actively trying but not actively preventing, either, so whatever happens happens.
  • Get back in shape. I fell out of my good gym routine in late 2017, then fell back into a good one in late 2018, so here’s to hoping I stay consistent in 2019.
  • Get published. Like I said before, getting married in 2017 and buying a house in 2018 took up a lot of time, so submitting work was seriously on the back burner. I’m hoping to change that in 2018. Up to now, I’ve at least gotten one or two pieces out into the world each year, so at the very least, I’d like to get back on that.
  • Finish a library book without renewing it the max amount of times. My library only lets you renew something a total of three times, and I’m always splitting a good chunk of the book across a couple days to finish it without getting a late fee. It’s not like I don’t read at all over the weeks I have it, it’s just how the timing keeps working out. Just once, I’d like to finish a book without having to do that. Like, even if I finish it a day or so before the due date, whatever, as long as I’m not rushing to do it.
  • Read more books than last year. I average finishing one book a month lately, but I’d like to get up to finishing 20 or more in a year. I did it before, I just need to to do it again.
  • Travel. A long, far-away trip probably isn’t practical for financial reasons, not to mention I’m worried about making huge plans if getting pregnant is in the realm of possibility. But we’ve talked about doing smaller weekend trips, so I’d like to try to do one every month or so over a long weekend.
  • Cut credit-card debt in half. I’m down to essentially two cards with balances, and I don’t think it’s at all realistic to totally eliminate both–or even cut them both in half. But I think getting the overall total cut in half is doable, especially with other balances knocked out now.
  • Entertain more. The first time we had people over was for Memorial Day, and we didn’t have anything that big since. The floor wasn’t done at the time–and we thought it would be. So we didn’t start staying at the house full-time until the weekend of the 4th of July, and then we spent the rest of the summer gradually moving. We never got around to doing anything bigger than a few friends/relatives at a time. And while we probably won’t do another biggie until, well, Memorial Day, I’d still like to get people over here every month or so.
  • Get involved in politics. With another election cycle looming, I’d like to do more than just shout on the Internet (and vote, of course). I’m gonna wait and see who announces candidacies, but when it’s all going full swing, I’d like to volunteer for my favorite candidate. I’d like to attend more events, too, starting with the Women’s March–I think we’ve been looking at real estate in one form or another every year until now.
  • Keep up with old resolutions. Mostly, I want to keep up getting in touch with friends. I’m not great at it, but I’ve been getting better, and I’d like to try to keep inviting people over or to reach out more when I’m in town. One of the things my husband’s good at that I’m not is randomly sending someone a message just because he hasn’t talked to them in a while, and I’m kind of intimidated by that because not a lot of people do it and I feel like I’m bothering them or that it’s weird. But he does it and doesn’t care and it seems to go well, and I think I could learn from that. Just don’t tell him I said that.
  • Keep prioritizing myself. I think I’ve done a good job of this over the last few years, but I also think there’s almost always room to get better. So I’d like to continue to be sure that I’m surrounding myself with the right people and not wasting time doing things I don’t want to do, aside from the usual duties of life that can’t be helped. But the bottom line is if something isn’t serving me, if I’m unhappy or unfulfilled, ditch it.
  • Get a new job. This is at the bottom of the list because again, it’s low priority. I don’t need a new job, but I want one. Clearly, I haven’t made much progress on this for the last few years, but there’s also a reason why I always say people shouldn’t put so much weight on resolutions.

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