Friday 5: Then You Begin to Make it Better Better Better Better Better Better Yeah

  1. What’s something you hated as a teen but love today? I can’t think of something for this specifically, but I can tell you that teenage me would have some qualms about adult me’s life right now. I’m not where she would’ve thought by any means, and not even in a bad way, just different. My life isn’t as ~cool and edgy~ as she would’ve hoped, but I’m happy.
  2. What’s something you recently dreaded that turned out not too bad? Ugh. Man. Ask me this Monday or Tuesday because right now, things are not going well, and by then, there’s a chance there’ll be a tiny spot of good news. Or…it could just be worse.
  3. How do you feel about February as it compares to January? The late winter months here for me are basically like a slow crawl to spring, so I see February as progress. It’s still pretty cold and snowy and we’re certainly not out of the woods as far as that kind of weather goes, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.
  4. Who among people you know is really making the world a better place? My brother and best friend. They’re both working in the psychology field–she works with kids with behavioral issues, and his current job is working with adults in a sort of assisted-living situation, where normally, they’d need hospitalized but are in a program that allows them to live independently.
  5. In what way is today better than yesterday? So, as one could guess from #2, there’s some shit going on that’s not good–health issues with my dad. We found out Wednesday and it was surprising. Yesterday, we got a little bit more information, and there’s still more to learn on Monday, where we’ll have a better idea of the scope of things. I’ve been at my parents’ house every day since Tuesday, mostly going over one day, spending the night, going home the next day, then heading back the next, mostly to help out with things. Today was the first time I was in my own home the whole day. I’ll talk more about it eventually, maybe soon, but for starters, it felt more like a normal day, and besides that, the dynamic right now is weird. It’s like…being there, I’m in the middle of everything and there’s just kind of a certain vibe right now, whereas at home, it’s not staring me in the face so much. It’s not like it’s all magically different or better or I’m forgetting all about what’s going on when I’m home, but it’s like there’s no elephant in the room.

From Friday 5.


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