Friday 5: It Means Everything

  1. If you were outside right now, what would you most likely be doing? This time of year, turning right back around and coming inside, where it’s warm. In a few months, though, I’ll enjoy it.
  2. Right now, what’s a little too close to you? A second ago, it was my cat’s ass, but she moved. So…difficulties. A parent with cancer and a husband needing to job hunt. All things considered, like right now at this moment in time, things are okay, but it would be nice for things to turn around.
  3. Right now, who misses you? My husband probably kinda does, even though he’s only in another room until I’m ready for bed. My parents, maybe–I’ve been over there a lot and I think as much as they hate to have me keep driving out, they like having me there, too.
  4. Right now, what’s having its way with you? Sleepiness. I probably could’ve gone to bed an hour ago, but I’m trying to squeeze a tiny bit more productivity out of this day.
  5. What do you most wish you were doing right now? Ha, sleeping. I was gonna say, “But if it could be anything at all…” and pick something ambitious, but then I was like, “No, I’m tired, I really do just want to be sleeping.”

From Friday 5.

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