Friday 5: Spanish Inquisition

  1. What’s a natural talent you’d like to be gifted with? I mean, I’ll take as much writing talent as I can get, but if I had to pick a totally different one, I’d say either singing or drawing. I’d love to sing if I felt more confident in it, and drawing is one of those things I could just never do. Like, I don’t even enjoy playing Pictionary because I just find it frustrating.
  2. What is your ONE desert island album? Can I just have my laptop with my entire iTunes library at my disposal? I honestly don’t think I could narrow it down to just one.
  3. If you could switch lives with anyone for a day, who would it be? There’s no one I’d really, truly want to trade with, partly because all the people who come to mind are people I’d kind of prefer to hang out with rather than trade places with, but I guess if I had to, some sort of musician. Stevie Nicks, maybe?
  4. What’s the most scared you’ve ever been? I don’t know. I can think of things that terrified me as a kid and then things that I’d say worried me as an adult, but not really scared me. When it comes to real life, I just don’t get easily rattled in that way.
  5. What do you consider your biggest failure? My failure to advocate for myself. I would never say that I’m to blame for, like, the way people have treated me–that’s entirely on them. But I do think my biggest failure is the things I’ve allowed, the length of time I’ve allowed them, and the fact that I was very much not prioritizing my well-being mentally and emotionally. I’d have gotten a lot farther a lot faster if I’d either stood up for myself or removed myself from certain situations or both sooner than I ultimately did. It took me way too long.
  6. What habit or quality do you think has contributed most to your success? My work ethic and borderline perfectionism. In my full-time work, I don’t half-ass things, and I’ll willingly work overtime and get shit done. I’ve managed to stand out as a reliable employee–I’ve been recognized in a few different ways by my superiors–and it’s absolutely because of the quality of my work. Outside of my full-time job, I’m always looking for a new side hustle to either make more money or open new doors as a writer or both, and like my day job, I churn out quality work every time. Having said all that, and even though I enjoy working, I don’t overdo it. I spend just as much time relaxing as I do working, which I think is just as important, if not more important, than the work ethic.
  7. What’s the thing about yourself you’d most like to improve? Kind of relating back to #5, I need to keep working on standing up for myself, but also knowing when to say no. And I’d like to remember things more–little things, mostly. And be a little tidier.
  8. What three words would you most hope people would use to describe you? Kind, funny, and fun.

From Friday 5.

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